Of Reckless Drives, Blissful Pitstops and DREAMS!

Stiff neck, parched throat, keyboard print on my cheek!! This is a story that repeats in my life.I work late, often crashing out thinking of ways to teach the machine to make better information of the data it fetched, or reading up ways to make http://www.findmycarrots.com a better recognized brand and failing miserably. Such disturbed sleep has its advantages. Light, disturbed sleep allows dreaming. A half rested body, allows day-dreaming..

Therefore, I dream all the time. At times, those are scary, when, my tired, half asleep mind attributes a splitting headache to a badly written computer program I was working on before passing out. But, there are good days, err nights! Those times, I find myself aimlessly staring at the blue sky with a few floating eagles, or driving through a lush green forest slower than you can walk or some such locales where I thumb my nose at life’s fast pace. These are the ones that drive my life. I am running at break neck speed through life, to get to those pit stops – when everything goes into super-slomo and I become the king of my time.

In this weblog, I intend to chronicle the break-neck reckless drives, the super-slomo pitstops and the dreams – both scary and blissful. Hope you find it interesting and worth your time.